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About Requests

Behind the scenes, when people use this plugin, each product they update with videos, makes a request to our servers. We do a real time search of all the major media websites, ensuring you get the latest, most relevant product video. 

About Product Updates

We recommend our users update their products once a month ONLY if they want to continuously search for newly published product videos.  For most of our customers, quarterly or bi-annually is sufficient because product videos are EverGreen Content.

Plugin Requires Monthly Plan

Product Featured Video, Custom Tab & Display

Product Featured Video

All embedded videos and video thumbnails can be displayed in the Featured Image Gallery section of the Woocommerce Product Page. Visitors can scroll through and watch videos just like images.

Video Product Custom Tab

Plugin options give you the ability to easily create a custom tab with all embedded videos. You can change the name and position it is inserted along with many other powerful configurations.

No Additional Hosting

All videos are embedded, not uploaded. No additional hosting space is required. We use just a few custom fields for the video data.

Better User Experience

A better user experience generates more loyal customers, more repeat purchases and a greater lifetime customer value.

Video Search, Manual Entry & Other Features

All Major Media Websites

Instantly search for and embed videos of the products you sell. Search sites like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and more.

Manual Video Entry

Do you have some products you want to manually enter videos for? No problem. With this plugin it is a breeze.

Proprietary Algorithm

Our video search has unmatched accuracy through the utilization of a proprietary algorithm, ensuring you get the highest quality and most relevant product videos.

Powerful Filtering Options

For increased accuracy we have included powerful options like requiring the Brand, Part Number or Sku to be in the video title.

Minimal Code

The plugin is written with a minimal amount of code and only a few custom fields are used for the video data.

No Additional API Keys Needed

You will Not need an additional YouTube, or any other website's, API key. You will be able to get videos from all networks immediately.

Robust Developer API

Are you a developer? Would you like to extend the functionality of this Plugin? Or, would you like to developer your own incredible solution? Glad to hear it, check out our Videos API and Partner Program.

100% Automated

You can set an automation to run once, daily, weekly or monthly to embed videos and/or search for newly published ones.

Some Key eCommerce Performance Benefits

Improved KPI's

Videos are shown to improve nearly every Key Performance Indicator like Average Time on Site, Bounce Rate & Average Page Views. This also provides indirect SEO benefits.

Increase Conversion Rates

Studies show that videos on a product page can increase conversion rates by 80% or more.

Better Rankings

Google owns YouTube and they have a financial incentive to rank product pages higher that feature a YouTube video.

Partner Program

Do you know shop owners that can use this plugin? Our partner program pays you ongoing commissions for every referral.

How It Works

Plugin Features, Image Preview

Automated & Manual Video Updates

In this screen shot you see what an product video update looks like from inside the plugin dashboard.

These updates can be done with the hands free Automation Feature or Manually 1, 10, 25, 50 products at a time.You have complete control.

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