Product Data for Woocommerce

This plugin helps shop owners enrich your site’s product data. Better product data achieves higher rankings on Google, creates more informed shoppers, increases trust which leads to higher conversion rates and many other positive eCommerce impacts. You can be up and running in minutes and the entire process can be 100% automated.

Woocommerce Product Data Plugin Features

Enhanced Product Data

This plugin imports a wide range of different product data points including the Title, Description, Short Description, UPC, EAN, Brand, Color, Size and more. Easily update products with a couple of clicks.

Increase Conversion Rates

Better product data creates more informed shoppers and increases trust which leads to higher conversion rates, average order value, total transactions, in addition to many other positive impacts on eCommerce KPI's.

Better Organic Ranking

It is no secret that one of the more important factors in Google's algorithm when it comes to eCommerce is the completeness, amount and quality of product data. The enhancements you make with this plugin will reap many benefits for your organic rankings.

100% Automated

You can set an automation to run once, daily, weekly or monthly to embed videos and/or search for newly published ones.

Full Control Over Imported Data

Only update the data you want to. You choose which product data points to update. You can include all of them or select only specific product data like descriptions and titles.

Simple to Use

You can update products with a couple of clicks and update 1,000's of products in minutes. There is no need for imports or product by product settings. Just choose which Attribute to use in the product lookup and your done.

Partner Program

Do you know shop owners that can use this plugin? Our partner program pays you ongoing commissions for every referral.

Minimal Code

The plugin is written with a minimal amount of code and only a few custom fields are used for the video data.

Robust Developer API

Are you a developer? Would you like to extend the functionality of this Plugin? Or, would you like to developer your own incredible solution? Glad to hear it, check out our Product Data API and Partner Program.

How It Works

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Frequently asked questions

You can see the pricing plans below but the most you will pay for a paid plan is two cents per product updated, while some plans are less than a cent.

It helps us to cover our costs, spend the needed time supporting our customers, creating new and exciting features, as well as, create new plugins that will help you achieve your eCommerce goals.

We are confident you will see a return on investment with an estimated 400% + increase in conversion rates..

Abso-freaking-lutely, we are always hear to help.  You can open up a support ticket at any time and we usually respond within the hour, during normal business hours and 4 hours response time on the weekends.

We have phone support for some of our plans.

No but we do have a partnership program.  All you have to do is share us with your network.  If they sign up, they Won’t pay a dime more, but you will get 20% reoccurring commissions.  See the Partner Program link for more details.

Choose the perfect plan

All plans are month to month. For each product in your store you will be charged a single Product Pricing Update. A store with 1,000 products, updated once a day, would need 30,000 Product Pricing Updates.











Custom Plan

500,000 + Requests