Product Reviews API

The Product Reviews API returns product reviews for virtually any product on the planet. Simply supply a search term, manufacturer part number or upc in the query parameter.

API Specific Features

Any Product on Earth

Get detailed reviews for virtually any product on the planet. Simply supply a search term with the query parameter and access the reviews in easy to consume json format.

Partner Program

We have a partner program! If you create an application that utilizes the Product Reviews API, you can have your users come to our site to sign up for an API key. You will earn a large commission, month over month, on each subscription that is sold.

Billions of Reviews

Billions of are available for virtually all products in existence. We aggregate far more than the competition and update them in real time.

Simple Search Query

Competing API's require you to supply part numbers, URL's and other data in the request. Not our API. A simple keyword like iPhone is all that is needed.

Multiple Data Points

The review data response includes the Rating, Review Title, The Review and the Review Publish Date and more.

Multiple Ways to Search

Search for products with a keyword phrase, category, brand, model and more.

API Framework Features

Developer Portal

Our developer portal will give you everything you need to execute Agile, rapid concept development. Features include the Product Data API documentation, a testing API playground, analytics and much more.

Code Samples

We have code samples in Curl, C#, Java, JavaScript, ObjC, PHP, Python and Ruby. We want to make your journey from conception to production as seamless as possible.

Fully Supported

All of our plans come with full email support and fast ticket turn around times. Some plans come with phone support.

In-Depth API Analytics

We provide a full suite of analytics reporting. Reports include overviews, health, activity and many more. Each are broken down by the API, method and response.

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