Available APIs from ApiGenius

Product Reviews API

The Product Reviews API returns product reviews for virtually any product on the planet. Simply supply a search term, manufacturer part number or upc in the query parameter.

An API for finding product identifiers.

Product Identifier API

With the Product Identifier API you can retrieve unique product data points like the Amazon ASIN, Ebay Listing ID, UPC code and Manufacturer Part Number. This API has many use cases like converting UPC codes to ASINs. We invite you to give it a try with a free account. The API has high availability and incredibly affordable plans.

The Product Data API enables you to build innovative ecommerce focused applications.

Product Data API

The Product Data API allows you to to do both product searches and specific product look ups using the UPC, Part Number, EAN, Brand or Search Query. Results include full product data and competitive pricing found on sites from around the internet.

Search all major media websites in real time using the ApiGenius Videos API.

Videos API

The Videos API allows you to search in real time, all the major media websites including YouTube, Facebook Videos, Vimeo, Daily Motion and more. We use a proprietary algorithm to make sure you get the most relevant video results for your query.