API Management & Development Services

If you have an API, we would like to partner with you. Some companies use our platform because it exposes their micro services to a new customer base. Some companies use API Genius because they want to to focus on their offerings and leave the traffic management, monetization, security and other integration to us.  Regardless of your needs, we can help.


We integrate with most API management platforms including Apigee, Azure, Amazon API Gateway and IBM Connect.  You get full control of your pricing plans and get to focus on your API offerings, instead of building and maintaining payment processing solutions.

Industry Leading Infrastructure

Our services are built on Apigee so even if you are not using one of the major platforms and are serving your API from an internal server, don’t worry.  When you use API Genius, regardless of your current technology stack, we can serve any level of API traffic.

Cross Platform Integration

API Genius is a management layer that integrates with all major platforms.  Let us take care of monetization, traffic management, analytics and security enforcement.  We allow you to focus on providing the data that markets want and subscribers love.

New Customers

API Genius has a large number of existing users and a team of dedicated marketing professionals that will promote your API and the adoption of it.  We will advertise your API on social media, paid ads and organic search.

Developer Network

The best way to increase adoption of an API is to offer software that non-developers can use.  We specialize in creating these solutions and can help do the same for you.  Let our developer create new solutions for your API.

OpenAPI Documentation

If you have documentation for your API using the OpenAPI standard, built with a Swagger, all you need to do is upload the file. If not, we have a set of tools that will make the documentation process easy for you write and a pleasure to consume for subscribers.